Healthcare in america essay

One of the most common arguments against providing universal health care coverage UHC is that it will cost too much money. In other words, UHC would raise taxes too much. Those who have health insurance already pay too much money, and those without coverage are charged unfathomable amounts.

Health Care Reform For The United States

The cost of publicly funded health care versus the cost of current insurance premiums is unclear. In fact, some Americans, especially those in lower income brackets, could stand to pay less than their current premiums. However, even if UHC would cost Americans a bit more money each year, we ought to reflect on what type of country we would like to live in, and what types of morals we represent if we are more willing to deny health care to others on the basis of saving a couple hundred dollars per year.

In a system that privileges capitalism and rugged individualism, little room remains for compassion and love. It is time that Americans realize the amorality of US hospitals forced to turn away the sick and poor. UHC is a health care system that aligns more closely with the core values that so many Americans espouse and respect, and it is time to realize its potential. Another common argument against UHC in the United States is that other comparable national health care systems, like that of England, France, or Canada, are bankrupt or rife with problems. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

Various countries have adopted a various types of health insurance systems to protect their citizens against the financial risks of medical needs and to facilitate easy access to appropriate medical care. Broadly health insurance systems are classified into: single-payer and multiple-payer systems.

In single-payer systems, one organization-typically the government-collects and pools revenues and purchases health services for the entire population, while in multiple-payer systems several organizations carry out these roles for specific segments of the population. Usually the term Single-Payer is used to describe a type of financing system. In the case of health care, a single-payer system would be an entity like a government run non-profit organization which would collect all health care fees, and pay out all health care costs.

Health care delivery facilities like hospitals, doctors, nurses etc. Single Payer system is also known as Medicare for All. Single Payer system expands the cost-effectiveness and makes Medicare program more efficient to cover each and everyone in the United States. It creates a single-tiered system that covers all people equally regardless of age, income, employment, or diagnosis.

The US Healthcare Crisis Essay

This unified system would promote universal high quality healthcare, because quality of care would have to be kept high enough to be acceptable to all citizens. The collection of money for healthcare is done by government in the form of taxes from individuals and businesses; and the private insurance agencies in the form of premiums and other payments like co-payment and deductibles.

In a similar fashion both agencies deliver the healthcare, private insurance agencies reimburses healthcare providers for the services used by privately insured individuals and government reimburses the healthcare service providers for the services used by publicly insured people like those enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP etc. In single payer system government does not own the healthcare providing facilities.

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In socialized medicine the government owns the hospitals and the doctors and nurses are paid by the government. Single payer health system is a socialized health insurance system not a socialized medicine. In United States, Medicare can be viewed as a form of socialized health insurance, making it a kind of single payer system, where the doctors are in a private practice and are paid on a fee-for-service basis by the government, but it does not cover the whole population of United States.

Essay on Health Care in America

This kind of system has led to the rationing of healthcare in the country. This is called rationing. The reason for this is that our system is not publicly accountable, no one in ultimately responsible for how the system works. Currently U. Despite this, U. This make United States the most bureaucratic health care systemin the world. Single payer health insurance is the only way to recapture this wasted money. Also establishing a single payer health care system would provide a stimulus for the U. Peter Shumlin, newly elected governor of Vermont State, formally introduced the proposal of Single payer system in the state by , which appears likely to be passed.

If enacted, it will be first system of its kind in U. However, the single-payer system also has some disadvantages that may make it unattractive to some. In , 1 in 7 Americans did not have health insurance. People also place family and friends very high on the list of value for health care insurance. Health care controls everything a person does due to the drawbacks of not having it when it is necessary; like breaking an arm or coming down with a deathly illness. With these issues, it is said that reforms are on their way.

Health care in the United States needs to be reformed to be more equitable to all citizens regardless of their race and financial situation. Those in charge of reforming health care should consider the principles of social justice outlined in Catholic social teaching as guidelines for ethical health care reform.

Those principles are: the dignity of human beings, the common good, solidarity, and subsidiarity. These four social-justice principles provide a foundation for a virtuous and economically. Under this reform, all the citizens and residents of the country are required to have health insurance.

It has also caused many discussions and opinions among people. Supporters of it say that this is a significant step forward, since there is no company that can refuse a person in the insurance. Of these people, many are employed by firms that do not offer coverage and many others fall just below the poverty line.

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Many are poor but still do not qualify for Medicaid. At least twelve million of those without health insurance are children. Reliable sources indicate that the number of uninsured people could rise as high as sixty million by the year