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By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Having your portrait painted was a symbol of your power and success and a method of recording that for posterity. Even after many centuries they are recognized with great pleasure and with great admiration for the painter. Renaissance portraiture often had a two-fold function with a built-in insurance policy against the collapse of humanist values.

On one hand the ruling classes and prosperous merchants had their portraits painted to display their fame and fortune; on the other, they commissioned donor portraits as an endorsement of their religious faith.

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Donor portraits were paintings of the person or family who commissioned the work, usually kneeling to give thanks to a patron saint or the Holy Family. They were presented as gifts to the Church and acted both as a memorial of the donor and as a petition for prayers for their immortal soul. Italian Renaissance Art Naturalism. Scroll To Top.

The Italian Renaissance

Piero della Francesca 'The Duke and Duchess of Urbino', tempera on panel Some Renaissance artists, inspired by Classical humanism, adopted a Roman 'verist' approach to portraiture. Humanism may have revived during the Italian Renaissance but it never quite managed to shake off that restless need to find a meaning to life outside of ourselves. The Italian Renaissance. Italian Renaissance Art Introduction. Italian Renaissance Art Humanism.

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This paper seeks to discuss a defining aspect of renaissance in a personal perspective. The paper will examine the state of art as a defining element of the renaissance period. It will examine the changing aspects of art that took place during the period. It refers to the things that pertain to skills and techniques, involving emotional appeal in a significant way. Renaissance in general took place in the fifteenth and the sixteenth century.

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Though the artistic revolution is considered in this article as the major element of the renaissance, it was a result of the revolutions in the other elements such as the scientific, philosophical and the linguistic advancements. The advancement of knowledge and themes was a motivation to the development of better techniques and styles in the field of art. The identity of the art as a form of creation and respect accorded to the artists for their skills became a boost to the development of art during the period.

The artistic renaissance can be distinguished into three categories: the first category is known as the early renaissance followed by high renaissance and lastly the late renaissance. The new era of art in Italy was marked in Florence. The developments saw the inclusion of mathematical aspects that enabled a three dimensional representation in painting. This development was achieved as early as the fifteenth century.


The then early painting methods were at best crude. There were two commonly used methods: tempera and fresco. One technique, the tempera, involved painting on a dry plane. Colors from items like vegetables and eggs were used to copy expressions from drawings. Another technique, the fresco, was done on wet surface. This latter technique was mostly used in paintings for church use. On drying of the plaster used, the drawing colors became part of the painting.

Looking for essay on art and design? Let's see if we can help you! The evolution saw the establishment of a painting school that trained on a two dimensional picture production.

Renaissance Art

The high renaissance began in the time of the renowned Leonardo da Vinci. The paintings of the time were more enhanced with more identifiable originality. The artistic qualities like landscaping and expression of attitude and gesture was then evident in the paintings. Further developments followed into the spread of art revolution to outside Italy.

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According to Paoletti and Radke, the field of art had developed significantly by the fifteenth century. They depict a painted picture of an organized scene that involved quite a number of aspects.