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Generate an essay plan, how would you like to give the information you have gathered? However while all of these systems are essential in the justice field, our focus here will be in the law enforcement, probation and corrections and correctional institutions.

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Start studying Hist Ch 16 - Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The new state constitutions enacted in the South can best be described by which of the following statements. The Five Paragraph Essay Structure The first thing you want to do when you start on a paper is find the best structure. Here is how such a paper would look like: The introduction — a paragraph that introduces the topic and presents the thesis statement Three body paragraphs can be more — each paragraph contains a main idea and covers it in depth The conclusion — summarizes everything and contains a call to action If you master the five paragraph structure, you will be able to quickly create the outline for your reconstruction essay.

Here are the basic steps you need to follow if you want to create an essay on civil war quickly and efficiently: Find a good topic and write an excellent thesis statement. Start doing in-depth research online and offline. Research the topic and use all the main ideas you gather to create an outline use the five paragraph structure as a guide. Write each paragraph of the outline without thinking about proofreading and editing. Just write!

Writing a Thesis Statement

Ensure that all the information in the first draft is accurate and that everything is properly referenced and cited. Edit the draft and polish your writing. Your writing must flow and have cohesion. Proofread everything and make sure there are absolutely no errors of any kind in the text. Read everything twice to make sure the paper is perfect.

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In addition, you can have somebody else read your reconstruction era essay and provide feedback. Sample Topics for Essays on the Civil War and Reconstruction To help you find a good topic — on which the success of your writing largely depends — we have put together a list of some topics that we find interesting for an essay on the American civil war: Life in the North versus life in the South Changes in public opinion during the war Character traits of Abraham Lincoln relevant to the war How has the Civil War affected immigration?

Essay: was the civil war inevitable?

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You used a concept map to figure out the major themes. You decided on a Thesis Statement. The Thesis Statement has a "thing" that is important.

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Now, you need to use your resources to create an outline that includes facts that support your Thesis. Create an outline using a logical flow.

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